Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Virtual Tour

Tabby in the keepsake chair
Nana and the youngest girls
Kids on the hay bale
He's a nasty rooster
The hay field
Tiny corn for Nancy because she's tiny
Feathers, the ghost cat
The rake
Molly and old honey
Little Guy
Keys from the last 49 years
A road to nowhere
North on 29
A turkey buzzard
The outhouse
The big tractor
Stone wall
Sunset from the Burdick cemetary

The pumpkin patch
A watermelon
Judy and her new best friend
A blight on the landscape
The farm from above
Mariyn, the cat who looks like Hitler
The stop sign with ribbons on
The store
The blinker lights
A bucket of onions
The Oliver
Buck at the four corners
The Carnival
Drive by mail boxes
Feathers in the front yard
Cats on the deck
The stone wall in the cemetary
Todd's grave
The view from the Burdick cemetary
The Burdick cemetary
Gramma's mailbox
The barn
The Cockshut
The view from the farm
The farm
The Gully

Our Stop sign with a bullet hole in it

Our Road
The Creek
The Bridge

The Ford Tractor